МИРОВАЯ ПОЛИТИКА: закономерность или случайность?

GLOBAL POLITICS: Regularity vs. Eventuality

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The Procedural Foundations of the European Security Order: Russian and “Western” Perspectives

Paper written for the European Leadership Network's report on "Competing Western and Russian narratives on the European order: Is there common ground?"

The preferences of Russia and the Euro-Atlantic community differ greatly with regard to the processes and forms of further development of the European regional order. Nevertheless, a compromise is possible if the sides can agree on the procedural frameworks and rules for the development of this order without pre-determining the outcome of the evolution.

Transferring the concept of moral and ethical values from the world of people to the community of states and international institutions is a difficult task from a methodological point of view. The regulatory foundations of the European international order (including the security interests of the participants in this order) consist not in specific values or principles, but in rules that guide the evolution of the order. The supremacy of these rules distinguishes the “European World” from other regional orders, for example, the East Asian or Latin American regional orders. The European order is essentially “procedural”.

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